•  high-quality proofreading and copyediting customized to your needs
  •  comparison proofreading and cold reading
  •  hard copy proofreading using traditional proofreader's marks or on-screen proofreading
  •  clear, concise writing based on customer-supplied information, or based on research and/or
  •  layout and design of collateral pieces, including (but not limited to)  newsletters, postcards, forms,
   resumes, business documents and manuals
  •   affordable rates
  •  reliable service with fast turnaround
  •  flexible delivery of final product

Proofreading or Copyediting?
Proofreading will entail:
  •  correcting spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors
  •  marking incorrect word breaks
  •  marking or querying widows/orphans and word or hyphen stacks
  •  checking chapter heads and subheads against table of contents and  references within main text
  •  checking tables, figures, photo captions, pull-quotes, etc., for errors, location and consistency with  
   main text
  •  confirming consistency of style throughout document and with style guide (in-house style guide or
   manual such as The Chicago Manual of Style or The AP Stylebook) and design specs
  •  checking running heads and page numbers for placement, style and accuracy

Copyediting will entail:
  •  all proofreading functions described above
  •  rewriting sentences for clarification and/or simplification
  •  editing for brevity