Institute for Evidence-Based Change
Services: edit, copyedit, proofread, format, manage production process
Sample Products:
"Slate Demonstration Curricula: Contextualizing English and Environmental Science Education"
"Slate Demonstration Curricula: Contextualizing Mathematics, Engineering, and Manufacturing
"ACCESS Curricula Guide for Mathematics"
"ACCESS Curricula Guide for English Composition"

Kidaround Magazine
Services: copyedit and proofread (write on occasion)
Find archived issues here:

Freeplay Magazine
2011–Present (except for Dec. 2012 special edition)
Services: copyedit, proofread, advise
Find archived issues here:

Will Suckow Illustration and Design (on contract with the Robert Mondavi Institute for
Wine and Food Science, UC Davis)
Services: comparison proofread and some on-screen cleanup of OCR
“The Wine Press and the Cellar,” 125th Anniversary Edition (2008)
“California's Olive Pioneers: Early Essays on Olives & Olive Oil” (2009)
"Cheddar Cheese Making & Elements of Dairying" (2010)
"The California Vegetables in Garden & Field" (2012)

Cal-PASS (California Partnership for Achieving Student Success)
Services: format/design, copyedit, proofread
Sample Products:
Cal-PASS Transitions Newsletter (Summer 2006-Summer/Fall 2010)
SMART Tool Training Manual
Fact Sheet

Pioneer High School
May 2012
Services: design, format, copyedit, and proofread
Sample Products:
2012–2013 PHS Freshman Handbook
2012–2013 PHS Sophomore Handbook
2012–2013 PHS Junior/Senior Handbook

University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources
Communication Services
2006–2011, UC ANR Catalog
Services: proofread (hard copy) more than a dozen agriculture- and education-based books
Sample Products:
"The Home Orchard," "Cover Cropping for Vegetable Production," "Irrigated Alfalfa
Management," "Lawn and Residential Landscape Pest Control," "Organic Olive Production
Manual," "Fundamentals of Beef Management," "Imported and American Varieties of Dates in
the United States," and "Oaks in the Urban Landscape."

Woodland Joint Unified School District
Services:  copyedit and proofread
Products: site plans

Master's Candidates, UC Davis and Sonoma State University
Services: copyedit, proofread and reformat (as needed)
Products: master's thesis (APA Style)

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce (employer)
Services: wrote, edited, proofread and produced monthly two-color newsletter; wrote business
briefs and proofread monthly four-color magazine (
San Francisco Business); wrote, edited,
proofread and produced collateral material and business documents.