•  Simple formatted pages: $3 per page; $25 minimum.
      A simple formatted page contains a single column of 12 point type and approximately 250 words. It
   does not contain figures, tables or typographic insets of any kind, but may contain photos with

  •  Complex formatted pages, bibliographies, or reference pages:
      $5 per page, $25 minimum. Final quote depends on complexity of project.

   *In order to make your project as error-free as possible, proofreading should be done when your copy is
     in its final draft (after formatting). For the fees listed above, you will receive one thorough
     proofreading of your document. If you require additional proofreading of corrected drafts, you will be
     charged additional fees accordingly.

  •  Minimum $5 per page, $50 minimum per project. Final quote depends on complexity of project.

Writing/Desktop Publishing
  •  Minimum $40 per hour.

Need a Quote?
Contact me at: pattoneditingservices@yahoo.com.

Payment Details
All projects require a signed agreement (by both parties). You will never pay more than what I have
quoted, so long as the material on which I have quoted has not changed in complexity or scope. If you
request to add pages or services during the project, I will send you a new quote and agreement to be

Generally, payment is due when services are completed. However, large projects (such as books) may
require a small deposit up front.

An invoice is sent with the finished document either by e-mail or as a paper invoice delivered with the
completed project. One-time projects require payment upon delivery of final product. Payment for
projects that are under an ongoing contract are due within 30 days; a penalty of 10 percent will be
added for every month the payment is late.

You can pay for editing services by personal check, cashier’s check or money order (made payable to
Cynthia Patton). I do not accept payments via credit card or PayPal, although I will consider the option
if I receive requests.